Car buying and reselling

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Who are we?

In collaboration with Renault Saint-GuidonAutomium is a car sales garage located in Brussels.  Active for more than 10 years in car sales, we sell vehicles new and used cars with low mileage. We also take back your old car at the best price! 

Car sales

Looking for a new car? Come and visit us at our dealership in Laeken or Anderlecht to find your dream car!

0% credit

Do you want to buy a car at no extra cost?
Automium offers you the possibility of buying your next vehicle on 0% credit.

Trade-in of your vehicle at the best price

Automium promises to take back your vehicle at the best price!

Looking for a new or used vehicle?

Trust our experts to give you the best advice for your new purchase! 

Do you want to sell your current vehicle?

Our experts will offer you the best price for your vehicle! Fill in our form below and request a quote for your vehicle!

Trade-in of your vehicle at the best price

At Automium, we are committed to offering you the best trade-in offer on your vehicle! 

We undertake to provide you with an offer within 24 hours.

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Address where we will contact you to send you the value of your vehicle
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Please include photos of any damage to the vehicle.
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